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CG-2692 Form: What You Should Know

June 20, 2023 — The Dd 2894 is delivered electronically. This is your final step to ensure that all the necessary information is presented to the OPM or the Secretary  Dec. 1, 2022- The Army Pension & Disability Center (ADC) publishes an E-Form 2894 — AOP Payment Date Form, and sends it to the OPM for review. E-Form 2894 — AOP Payment Date Form Aug. 1, 2023-The OPM processes Dd 2894 and forwards the forms to the VA for review. E-Form 2894 — AOP Payment Date Form — VA Sep. 1, 2023-The VA approves the DD Form 2894 and issues the monthly payments. (This takes about 3-5 months.) E-Form 2894 — AOP Payment Date Form — VA Mar. 1, 2023 — The final pay-off period begins. (This last step, the final payment, is often called the “COD” in retirement. You will see many OPM employees abbreviate this with a “COD.”) PROCEDURE: To initiate the process: STEP 1: If you completed the last step on  E-Form 2941 — payroll Verification from OPM STEP 2: If you completed the last step on  E-Form 2894 — payroll Verification from VA STEP 3: Do not send your completed forms to any other agency. SENTENCE of Payment Pay a check payable to the applicable beneficiary or his or her estate.

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Instructions and Help about CG-2692 Form

The coastguard recently released revised CG 2692 forms the documents for reporting marine casualties commercial diving casualties or outer continental shelf related casualties this revision was the result of a three-year initiative to overhaul previous versions of the form which have been largely unchanged for more than 40 years with the new version we've worked to streamline the data fields and decrease the burden of completing these forms we will continue to strive to make reporting marine casualties easier and less time-consuming our long-term vision is to create the means for casually reporting to be entirely electronic and capable of being sent directly to the appropriate Coast Guard field unit based on the geographic location provided on the form there are many changes to this new form that you will notice at first glance first there are now several addendums that will ease the burden of reporting incidents with multiple injuries deaths or barges involved additionally the form can be entirely completed electronically including using a digital signature owners and operators are encouraged to work with their local Coast Guard sectors to obtain the best and most up-to-date email addresses where they can electronically file the reports in addition the titles and labels of the revised forms have been amended to more closely correlate to the text and terms found in u.s. statutory and regulatory language also the generic catch-all data fields on the previous form have been replaced with unique fields for specific data required by statute or regulation lastly notice that information requests on the forms is primarily restricted to that required by regulation for removing superfluous data fields this form reduces the burden upon those reporting casualties by decreasing the overall number of fields required to be entered for example for a single vessel marine casualty the...