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About CG-2692 Form

The revised form replaces and updates a previous version from December 2016. The CG-2692 form is required at any time for any commercial or recreational oceanic diver who may be involved in accidents involving the following oceanic situations:In the event of an accident on a vessel or in the open water, the report must be filed with “USCG Maritime Commons.” (USCG Maritime Commons). The new CG-2692 forms are available for download here. If your accident report is from June 10th, 2023 or earlier, please contact your Commanding Officer, CG-2622, for instructions on how to do so. All Coast Guard agencies have established a dedicated webpage for the CG-2692 series forms. Please visit “USCG Marine Casualty Reporting.”USCG Maritime Commons is located at:. It is a 24/7 web presence staffed by the USCG Office of Marine Safety. Information is provided on the site to those who can benefit from it, including families, relatives, friends, and employers of USCG personnel. To obtain more information, please contact the USCG Marine Casualty Reporting Hotline at and ask for the “CGS Marine Casualty Reporting.

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Common Mistakes

Incorrect bank routing or bank account number
Failure to file punctually or request an extension
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FAQ - CG-2692 Form

What is the purpose of CG-2692 Form?
A: It is required to establish the status of the user, a username, password, and the status of user account, or any individual, account.
Who should complete CG-2692 Form?
If you are a student, you complete the form if it's needed by your school. If you are a school employee or volunteer, you complete it when you have a role in an organization that could need a CG-2692 form. Are there any exceptions? There are no additional exemptions from providing your personal information through the SF-50 form. The following information and instructions should be used, but are not mandatory, if you need this information for your personal use: What personal information is requested for an SF-50 Your name, address if not listed, and SSN. If it's not on file already, do the following to confirm that you have an SSN. If you don't know or don't have a SSN, you can use any of the SSN-checking resources (see the list of Resources) on this website. If you've recently moved and no longer have identification from your old address, include a phone number or email address. The agency may contact you if they need to verify your SSN. This is the last time this information will be requested When you do not need to provide all the information, it's recommended you include: your social security number (if you have one) your driver's license Your name, address, date of birth, and sex. The agency may contact you if they need to verify your SSN. This is the last time you'll enter information through the SF-50 When you do not need to provide all the information, it's recommended you include: your social security number (if you have one) your driver's license Your name, address, date of birth, and sex. The agency may contact you if they need to verify your SSN. This is the last time you enter information through the SF-50 What forms are requested for an SF-50 Most businesses that serve federal government employees and their families request both SF-50s and SF-40s. The SF-50 form provides necessary information you need to prove your identity and/or eligibility. The SF-40 form may include information that a business does not need—for example, your tax return, a copy of your health insurance, or a copy of a lease that you've signed. Also, you may be asked to provide other personal information, typically your Social Security number or Social Security card.
When do I need to complete CG-2692 Form?
A. If you are eligible for a Social Security retirement benefit, and you did not begin taking Social Security disability benefits, you must complete CG-2692 Form by June 30. You must also complete CG-2694 Form by May 31 for individuals who are applying for disability benefits. Note: You must complete Form 2692/2694 no later than 1 April after your date of birth or date of loss of coverage. B. If you are eligible, and you have taken Social Security disability benefits, you must complete CG-2692-SA by March 31, June 30, October 30 for individuals who are applying for disability benefits and December 30 for individuals who are re-instating or re-instating benefits. C. If you began working before age 65, you must complete CG-2692, when claiming age 65 and disability, by January 31. D. If you entered military service or receive other Federal employee retirement benefits before age 65, you must complete CG-2607, when claiming age 65 and disability, by January 31. Note: For more details on the requirements for completing each benefit form (and how to complete it, see Social Security Employment Taxes, Worksheet A, (Social Security Administration, Employment Taxes Branch, 1 Washington Boulevard, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20470). What to Include on Your CG-2692 Form? To establish your eligibility and your benefit type, be sure to include the following information for both CG-2692-SA and CG-2694 Forms: Your Social Security number Your date of birth Your full legal name Your age Incomplete information does not apply to Social Security. Contact the Social Security Administration's Employer Identification Number Services Branch for more information about missing or duplicate numbers. (If your employer does not have an Employer Identification Number, include a request to obtain one at the time of application rather than by completing CG-2692 from the job you are seeking.) Your mailing address The postal code you want to use when printing your form (if different from the postal code in the State where you work). Your Social Security benefit number and the current month and year. The mailing address must be a street address in the United States. When will I receive my benefits? Your benefits should be paid by the due date of the return filed by your employer, or on a date set by the Social Security Administration.
Can I create my own CG-2692 Form?
You should not! However, once you have completed the form as per our instructions, you can then modify it as per your own needs. Contact us directly. How long does it take for my form to be processed? We will respond to your request within 3 working days. Do I need a printer to print copies of my form? Not yet. However, if you have your form printed as per instructions, you can then provide a printed copy of your form to the buyer's customer service officer. If you need your form sent to a service center, the courier will collect it and email you a scan. Once the delivery has begun, we will collect it back. If you have asked for a copy via courier, please note that we will only be able to accept digital copies online. You will need to print this yourself from the PDF that we send you if you need digital copies. Do you offer a return service? Not at this stage, although we are looking to bring back the service. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs, whether it be the price you require or an alternative service. Do you ship internationally? We are not able to ship internationally at this time as we only have one office in the UK. Is the service refundable? Unfortunately, we do not offer a full resale value as the service itself. Please contact us for more detailed information. We can confirm that you will receive the copy via e-mail, but it is not a replacement for the original paper copy. I'm buying many orders. How many copies will I need to print? You will need a minimum of 1,000 printed copies. I'm having a problem purchasing my digital copy. What can you do? Please contact our customer service officer which will be your point of contact when ordering. I own an existing printer. What format (scan for printing as opposed to digital paper)? We can provide scan or print. We recommend you scan our documentation. Print will give you the finest print quality (not to be confused with the color quality). Do you have a catalog of the paper stocks available? We do. Please use this resource when researching the paper you require.
What should I do with CG-2692 Form when it’s complete?
Keep it on your desk or in a secure place. Why did the form have to be filled out again? We've sent a verification email to the company and will send another email when there are no more returns. You won't get any further correspondence if your form has been completed, but the next set of emails will indicate that your details have been updated. Why have I been told an incorrect name or details? This service is for businesses. Why couldn't CG-2692 Form work for me? The service would work because we've filled in all the required fields that are shown in the form. An error has occurred on the part of the caller or respondent who submitted your form. This is where our services would fail, and you would be required to fill in again.
How do I get my CG-2692 Form?
Please call. Is the CGM Direct online payment option for new accounts available? —CG-2622 If your new online direct deposit is successful, we will place an order request with your bank for your new Co-direct Account Number and/or your EIN. Once we receive this information, we will enter it into the CGM Direct website. —CG-2623 Please make sure that you select option 3 below and that we receive a current EIN on file to place a permanent credit on your account. Is an individual or family member eligible to make new deposits into my Co-direct account? —CG-2624 The Co-direct online account creation and online payment option is for you and your family members, but they need to create a new direct debit (EIN) on file with the bank in the CGM Direct account setup wizard. The bank will send you the bank-approved EIN as the first electronic deposit you will receive during the account opening process, and we will also have the option to send a direct deposit via check. Once this is received, we will then create the Co-direct Account and will send a confirmation e-mail, once the Co-direct account is established. Is there an annual transaction fee for my Co-direct online account? —CG-2641 A 1% annual transaction fee applies to all deposits. What are the fees for other methods of payments? —CG-2642 If you would like to place a direct deposit via mail, please call. We will have the opportunity to set up a regular banking relationship with the bank. Who is eligible for credit protection? —CG-2633 Credit protection is available for all Co-direct accounts to ensure your account remains current and in good standing. Eligible accounts include all U.S. customers who own their own home and are active, member in good standing on their current plan (excluding members who have withdrawn or stopped making payments on their accounts). If you are enrolled in the CGM Direct Advantage, an automatic transfer has been placed on your account to your bank account. A copy of your current statement from your bank will need to be sent along with a certified letter from the current bank with your enrollment document.
What documents do I need to attach to my CG-2692 Form?
To be effective for fiscal year 2015, you need to attach a complete set of documents. The completed CG-2692 Form must include all the following: A complete set of schedules which list the items purchased under the program. The schedule items must be labeled “Purchase” for the program and “Purchase No” for an earlier fiscal year program. If you have any questions concerning which schedule items must be labeled Purchase No, please refer to the “Schedule” instruction (see Exhibit 23). You also will need to attach copies of purchase forms and an explanation as to why each purchase was made. The name of the program. The description of the program in writing when possible. If the Program Description on the CG-2692 does not tell the total amount of purchases or the number of units delivered, please provide this information when you submit the CG-2692 form. Please note that you are required to send a written explanation if you do not provide a description of the Program. If there is a description of the program, we will provide additional written support to you, such as a copy of the application or a summary statement of the project. The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a number of contracts and purchase orders. Please provide your contact information for contact information of the contract and purchase order manufacturer. Please use the following format for all itemization sections: Name of item/s: Identification Number: Quantity purchased/sold: Date of purchase/sale: Please refer to Exhibit 23 for a list of the program categories in the form. Each program category should clearly identify which item/s were purchased, which were sold, and for which agency, contract number, and contract value.
What are the different types of CG-2692 Form?
The following type of CG-2692 Form is used: CGS-2692 Form of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center CGS-2692 Form of the Combat Development Command CGS-2692 Form of the Amphibious Grouping and Planning Center CGS-2692 Form of the War fighting Operations and Intelligence Analysis Center CGS-2692 Form of the Air Defense Control Group CGS-2692 Form of the Combat Mission Center CGS-2692 Form of the Combat Service Support Center CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Air Development Command CGS-2692 Form of the Army Air Force Flight Test Center CGS-2692 Form of the Coast Survey Center CGS-2692 Form of the Air Defense Intelligence Center CGS-2692 Form of the Maritime Forces Information Center CGS-2692 Form of the Maritime Forces Command CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Air Mobility Command CGS-2692 Form of the Strategic Air Command CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Logistics Command CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Intelligence Center CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Logistics and Logistics Command CGS-2692 Form of the Air Mobility Command Combat Command CGS-2692 Form of the Air Force Ground Combat Center The form you are looking for may require some information in addition to the question.
How many people fill out CG-2692 Form each year?
The form is mailed to every person with a Social Security number who pays social security taxes. The form also gets sent to those whose taxable income is 20,000 or less (10,000 for married filing joint return). To see how many people are on the income tax rolls, see Gross Tax Collections: If you did not fill out either the Federal Income Tax Form 2692 or the state income tax form for 2010, see Where to Use the Form 2692. After you have been mailed your forms, go back to the IRS website and log into the computer. Look for the link to report any earnings. How do I know what my taxes are? You can use the IRS website to check your net tax liability. You will need to be located in the United States to do this. Furthermore, you can also use some tax software or free resources available on the internet, such as. This should give additional information for those claiming the credit for foreign earned income. The IRS has also prepared a quick reference for the 2010 tax year that you can use. Also see our Guide to Tax Calculations for Individuals. If you use it in conjunction with the free or low price tax calculators like, If you have a question about the tax laws in your state, refer to the state tax section on this website. What kind of payment could I receive for my taxes? In most cases, you will be able to receive a refund if you pay your tax due in full by the due date. However, the Internal Revenue Service offers a tax payment plan to ensure that most taxpayers pay their correct tax and that they receive the refunds. The IRS will mail a form to the person with the information they need to enter the plan. The person with the information enters the information and gives the information to the IRS in a timely manner.
Is there a due date for CG-2692 Form?
CG-2692 will be due on April 30, 2015. Please keep the following items handy: a. The name, address, and signature of the individual/organization receiving the Form; b. A scan of the Form as it is being sent to you; c. A copy of your signature, if you are signing and submitting the Form. What if I am a foreign national living abroad, and I have received a Form CG-2692? The information contained on this page was accurate as of October 1, 2017. For a final, official immigration decision on the CG-2692 application, please click on a link to go to Form CG-2692 Notice of Action — Petition for Alien Relative from abroad. How does an immigration officer use Form CG-2692 to issue an immigrant visa to a foreign national who resides in the United States? CG-2692 contains a list of the aliens, their dates of entry, dates of departure, and their places of residence. This information helps the immigration judge determine, in a “procedural hearing”, whether the alien satisfies some or all of the other categories of preference contained in section 212(a)(2)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). For a more complete description, see our instructions for Form CG-2692 Notice of Action. Can I apply to file Form CG-2692 at a U.S. consular office? Yes. Please follow the instructions under the instructions for requesting Form CG-2692 directly from the USCIS website at or contact Consular Section: Consular Lookout & Support Department of Homeland Security Washington, DC 20529 Tel: (8:00 a.m. — 6:30 p.m.) Fax: What should I do with a copy of my Form CG-2692 when I am ready to file the petition for my spouse or child? If you wish to make a copy of your CG-2692 form, simply sign and date the Form CG-2692, which will be mailed to you in the envelope in which it was received.
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