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Instructions and Help about Us coast guard

Hi I'm Bob trainer representing the United States Coast Guard's marine transportation system Directorate office of navigation systems this presentation was used to introduce the Coast Guard's 21st century waterways future of navigation initiative at the various listening sessions held across the country over the past few months primary goal of this initiative is for the US Coast Guard in partnership with other federal agencies to better leverage rapidly developing information technology to gather consolidate and more efficiently disseminate navigational safety information to Mariners the other federal agencies heading up this initiative with the Coast Guard are the other chair members of the committee for the marine transportation systems eeen avocation task team which are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA and the US Army Corps of Engineers the diagram on the slide depicts in general terms the shared waterway responsibilities of these three agencies all of them disseminate in one way or another critical navigation safety information to the Mariner the listening sessions were designed to pra venue apart from traditional communications to introduce waterway stakeholders to federal initiatives currently underway to achieve the primary goal and to solicit from waterway stakeholders what types of marine information Mariners currently or would like to access how that information could best be accessed with a livered and what types of marine information are most important to Mariners for waterway navigation safety among the Coast Guard's responsibilities in this initiative are the United States visual aids to navigation system or USA x which includes buoys beacons sound signals rake ons etc the marine safety information including broadcast notice to Mariners local knows the Mariners flight lists etc and electronic ace navigation for een avocation all of these responsibilities disseminate marine information in one way or another buoys and beacons for example prthe Mariner with information albeit somewhat coded information professional Mariners know that red buoys are left to starboard when entering port in the United States for that an aid to navigation exhibiting a quick flashing light usually signifies a turn a red beacons red triangle de board marked with an even number and yellow triangle informs the Mariner that the beacon is part of the u.s. intercostal waterway hates the navigation system the primary objective of the United States digital age the navigation system is to mitigate transit risks to promote the safe economic and efficient movement of military commercial and other vessels by assisting navigators with determining their position a safe course and warning them of dangers and obstructions regardless of how marine information is disseminated in the future this objective will not be degraded the idea is to incorporate current and emerging information technology into the US visual aids navigation system to augment not replace the current system of buoys and meetings as stated in the committee of the marine transportation systems EE navigation strategic plan u.s. vision for a navigation is to establish a framework that enables the transfer of data between and.

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