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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Marine electric report

Instructions and Help about Marine electric report

Okay captain Larry I think the 29th of January is Friday have been to the boat for two weeks but we've been busy today one of the things we did was get the second AGM battery in there that's that orange one made a couple of little cables so they're in parallel got those wired up so those are the house batteries they're deep-cycle a GM's much better than a wet battery like the one next to it and then we took the the electrical panel an instrument panel here on the helm consoles and started labeling everything so you see all the circuit breakers are labeled and then we got little wire labels and wired and labeled all numbered all the wires that are connected to the circuit breakers and then we started with our little table over here to write down document what everything is got the switches labeled here ABCDE and F and so we've been tracing out some wires and we put the camera down and set this thing back put the camera over here so you can see me struggle with this thing so anyway that goes in there like that and I just take this handy-dandy little piece of plastic and cover the thing when I'm not here so it says a window or a report right next to it I haven't had anything leak on it but sure everything is turned off at one in there by mistake okay so we've got this handy-dandy little thing from RadioShack which we'll put a an RF signal on the cable on a little tone detector see and go around and find out where the cables go and got the solar hooked up to the AGM batteries this time instead of the starting batteries excitement today I figured out what circuit breaker the water pump is on this is a water pump right here and what's voice which controlled it and that thing roared to life so that's good news down here most of the day found out that this light here is on an independent circuit separate from the rest of the cabin lights for no known reason found out that I had defective switches in both of these nice little nickel-plated brass light fixtures the ones that I'm making the ball but after four but the switches are apparently drunk as it both failed so I'm going to take those home put new switches in up here in the fo'c'sle both of these lamps are working and put a new ball that one of those 1,004 bulbs fit in there in place of the English bulb so that's good news and what else did we do I think that's pretty much it got it looks like a mess in here but we got those we've got those two fixtures off and ready to take home we've got the basic cable wiring and the numbering process started we got the boat aired out while.


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