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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Serious marine incident

Instructions and Help about Serious marine incident

Justin will see board here on the timeout I'm standing on the deck that these guys will it's made out of foam and glass one inch foam and Matt combo combo Matt Matt or something on one sit on the bottom side it's just a little bit of got one layer on the top side Mac humble combo that's it then it's got a little pre curve to it one inch of pre curve and now we're just gonna they're just going to trim a little more to get it to fit in here and be a nice deck nice dirty dip then they're gonna class the top with lots of layers of Matt and combo so on top they're gonna do Matt combo Matt cloth Matt Matt and finish it off with gel coat but first let's see how we got there remember when we got the boat it looked like this both when sitting for a while Music okay checking in on the time out here it's been a lot of work to get it to this point but it's looking clean starting to move forward now so this is a one coat of vinyl ester resin and then some gel coat with gray gray gel coat and now they're gonna be putting on a final wax coat to seal it up Renee is working on that right now mixing it up as we speak mix it up to final clear coat yeah and some wax surface on the surface and sealed surface seal yeah that's you have to use this to seal it up otherwise it stays sticky right yeah you have to juice shoes like this yeah see ya I didn't walk in there just so you know yeah okay well good luck okay this is the start of the new fuel tank all right you've been busy already okay been busy that's good so what is this you'll take a few baffles in there yeah this is beautiful glass pure glass this is fiberglass informal fiberglass and foam private lesson formula wrong this is solid fiberglass just what Matt Clark Matt Rada my craft mock laughing do we get to these Wow that's just all Matt cloth Oh Matt so that's strong yeah really strong so this is foam it's car form hard foam and how many layers inside this is Matt Campbell Matt Matt okay what about inside thinking Matt Campbell Matt Matt Matt kumbhamela and on the corners bobble double madcap Oh Matt Matt I'm ordnance inside and outside now what do you use for resin 50 M 50 paisa listen and be 5050 I so resume ve for all of it for all the layers just for fuel tanks gotta be thick yeah put enough right one coat of gray one coat of white three times great white gray white yeah wow wow this is the deck for the time out look at this thing that's gonna be a big lay.


What was something you did or said that got you fired?
(I am answering this anonymously due to complaints I made to the state about this workplace which have not yet been resolved.)I told my manager I was not the only person taking federally-mandated 10 minute breaks.I was working at a busy soup/salad/sandwich place in a UC college town in CA. I won't say what city, but this place had been known for its enormous salads since the 1970s prior to a fire which burnt it to the ground.I was hired the 2nd week of their reopening after rebuilding. I worked my ASS off, never took a sick day (since it wasn't allowed) took any shift that was needed and as many extra responsibilities as possible to show management that I took the job seriously and was in it for the long haul.This was the first job I had been offered in the 5 years after having my child, so I was desperate to not only get back into the working world but to also show my employers they did right hiring me: an overweight unknown with a 5 year gap in their resume.I worked. And worked. And WORKED. I was one of the few employees available for the school holidays. I would be able to come in with 10min notice. I would stay after hours after I finished cleaning the salad area to make sure the bread loaves in the kitchen were plastic wrapped and put aside for the morning breakfast rush.All 42 loaves of bread. Off the clock.I would fill in for the dishwasher when they would be fired/not show up in addition to my regular duties.I made friends with the kitchen staff and the bar staff next door (same owner) so I could inform our customers what every ingredient was in their meals.I made sure to bleach and scrub the 4 cutting boards at least once per month, I tried to do it every week, but was told by management "it wasn't necessary", even when I saw mold actively growing on the boards.So I did it off the clock, cause that shit was DISGUSTING!I informed the head chef when I found a baby cockroach frozen in an ice cube I had just scooped from the ice machine.I told management about the full-sized German Cockroaches we saw running wild underneath the register area, which is less than 2 inches from the food storage and service area. One long lunch counter and a clan of roaches underneath…I kept my mouth shut when the Bar Manager (the Owners best friend) propositioned me, screaming at me accusing me of stealing when I started eating the rest of my lunch after I clocked out, and I stayed on after half the bar staff quit after he cornered and sexually assaulted a lone female bartender the day before.Nothing was done about his behavior and the restrictions put upon him were repeatedly violated. When I was told to text the manager of he came into the bar after 10pm, and he did so at 11:30pm 2 nights afterward, I was told I was hanging out at the bar too much (I had JUST finished cleaning and had clocked out 10min prior), why am I there afterhours (the bar closes at 2am that night) and that I am NOT the {name redacted} enforcer and to mind my own business.The thing which got me fired happened on a Saturday shift. I was working from Noon to 8pm, with a 1 hour lunch break between 4–5pm. I was working as a floater, which meant my entire job was making sure the food line was being stocked with ingredients faster than they could run out. In a place where we were so busy we would help 20 customers in 2 minutes (the management timed us via camera), this meant a LOT of running around and a LOT of heavy lifting.The salad dressing came in 10Gal buckets which had to be brought 100ft from the walk-in to the food line, then lifted to fill the large ramekins on the counter. Four different dressings. Plus the salad mix needed to be replenished every 10min or so…I also need to to refill the to-go boxes, napkins, mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish, roast beef, turkey, ham, marinated tofu, tuna salad, chicken salad, salami, peanut butter, bananas, avocados, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeños, banana peppers, onions, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, beans, boiled eggs, and croutons.I had to pay attention to the levels of the 3 soups we had available and inform the kitchen of we needed more heated up. I was more often than not also the person heating them.I had to hand cut the bread loaves, but could only fit 6 cut loaves at a time on the back board, so I was cutting loaves every 10–15 minutes.In short, I was exhausted that day.At 6:30pm I noticed we had a lull in customers and decided this would be a good time to take my 1st 10min break of the shift. My coworkers all agreed they'd be fine and that I should go on my break. The moment I clocked out my manager decided that I shouldn't be going on a break right then. She kept repeating that I had gone "on AN HOUR BREAK" just 1 1/2 hours earlier. She said that phrase 5 times. I only had another hour and a half until I was off of work and this would be the only chance I get to take a break before the dinner rush started.I had been working there 30–40 hours/week for the previous 10 months, so I KNEW when the rush would start.She asked me "How do your coworkers feel about you being the only person taking cigarette breaks?!""I'm not the only person taking 10 minute breaks."She became so incensed that if it weren't for my coworker standing behind me to ask her a question I know she would have started screaming at me right there and then. She then told me to finish my break (I now had 3 minutes remaining), and the rest of the shift passed without incident.That was Saturday. I had Sunday off and the place was closed for a holiday on Monday.On Tuesday, 2 hours before my scheduled shift I got a text message from the owner telling me that I was being let go and ALSO banned from the premises. The security crew were informed of the ban and I shouldn't embarrass anyone by making them enforce it.He refused to give me a reason, either through text or in person later that day when I went in to pick up my final paycheck.I finally got a reason when I was forced to fill out a reason to file for unemployment benefits.The reason? Given by the same manager who argued with me about taking a break:"So go ahead and choose Discharged (fired) for the drop down menu.For the explanation, just say that your employer no longer felt that you represented the company in a manner that the company felt was appropriate or a reflection of our practices and standards."Yeah. I was fired for taking my first 10min break 6 1/2 hours into my shift.Even the unemployment representative was dubious saying over the phone "Well, that says a lot of nothing."I got my UI benefits, but I still reported them for denying proper breaks, not allowing us to use or accruing sick leave, and for retaliatory termination.
What paperwork do Marine recruits have to fill out?
Hey Allison Choi. First thank you for the question. Any applicant looking to enlist into the Marines would complete whats called an enlistment package. Now there is a lot that goes into that package. Anything from police history, medical history, as well as various policies that the Marine Corps has to include policies on drugs, gang affiliation, our Core Values (Honor, Courage, Commitment), etc. I hope this answers your question a little bit. I just got off of recruiting a couple months ago.
Does a marine on deployment have to fill a form out?
As an 0331 I was pointed in the right direction and deployed. No forms, had more shots in 2 days than I ever thought possible. Flew from LAX to Hawaii to Okinawa then LPD 9 USS Denver to Da Nang. As a PFC at the time no forms I can recall. Made out my will in Boot Camp. No Visa, no port entry inspection, Just grab your gear and go. During my 18 months in South East Asia I deployed 6 different times from Vietnam, Okinawa and the Philippines. No paperwork involved on my part. Probably why they didn’t know where I was for 3 month’s in 1971. I found this out when I was approved for Agent Orange benefits in 2022. I told them. Back then it was an office pogue that typed out your military record on a remington typewriter, hard copy using the sneaker net. So stuff got misplaced or just not done. Who Knows, at least I got my orders to cross the pond and 45 days payed vacation at home. So the important stuff was done. Still didn’t do paperwork to stand down and go home.
What are some tips to make students fill out a survey seriously/honestly?
I would gather giving students incentives to reply honestly, seriously. Generally speaking there was a couple of basic ways to get someone to do something. Motivate them or scare them This is basically rewards and punishment. One other way is the motivation is to make so that the person or persons does something because its the right or moral thing to do. IMO I believe this principle would be true in getting students to fill out a survey. To be specific to set out benefits or threaten them. For example if anybody is caught not being honest to write a 100 word essay on how being dishonest is wrong. Or conversely an award such as praise from the teacher.
Is it possible to escape the friend zone? If so, how?
In order to get out of friendzone, you need to follow 7 golden rules :Step 1 :You texted her almost 15 message.She replied with a single hmmm…You again texted her almost 10 message.She replied haha XD.Stop being that guy. Learn to love your self respect.Step 2 :You : I wanna tell you something.She : Yes.You : I love you so much. I can't live without you. You're the best girl that I've ever met.She : Aww.. So sweet, I love you too as a friend.Stop being that guy. Learn to be stern.Step 3 :She : Hey, my data pack is over. Can you recharge my phone? I'll pay you later.Me : Yes. Give me 5 minute.Stop being that guy. Learn to say no.Step 4 :She : I think, you're too busy nowadays.Take atleast 15 minute to reply her,You : Yes.She : Why?You : Can't tell you the reason. But I had an amazing day today.She : Why so?You : Can't tell you.Be that guy. Be mysterious.Step 5 :She : Are you free tonight?You : No.She : Why?You : I'm going on a date with xyz.Be that guy. Make her jealous.Step 6 :She : Nowadays, I feel like you're avoiding me too much.You : Yes. I've to.She : Why so?You : I can't stay in friendzone. I want something more than this. I want a beautiful romantic relationship with you.Tell her what you want. [Tell only if you really want]Step 7:If you got out of friendzone, that's great.If not, get another girl. There are plenty of girls in the world.No point in wasting time on a girl, who can't value your feelings.Same applies for girls too.
What conspiracy theories turned out to be true?
1. The CIA's false witness who kick-started the Gulf WarIraq and Kuwait had been involved in a conflict over the oil fields in Kuwait, which Saddam Hussein accused the Kuwaiti of stealing from Iraq. On October 10, 1990, a 15-year old Kuwaiti girl who went by the name Nayirah, testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.Her emotional eye-witness testimony involved copious tears and horrific narrations of atrocities committed by the Iraqi army. The most memorable of them being the Iraqis storming Kuwaiti hospitals, tearing more than 300 babies from incubators and leaving them out to die.Her moving testimony stirred the hearts of people worldwide. It was initially corroborated by Amnesty International and by various Kuwaiti nurses and doctors. The incubator story was cited by numerous US politicians as the reason for America's intervention in the Gulf War.A conspiracy theory had started doing the rounds, though. That Tom Lantos, the head of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, who had made no secret of his support for US involvement in the Gulf conflict, was behind Nayirah's moving testimony.A New York Times journalist, John MacArthur, decided to investigate Nayirah and in 1992, he revealed some shocking facts."Nayirah" was Nayirah al-Sabah, daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, Saud bin Nasir al-Sabah. She had been paid by the CIA for her false testimony. They had also had her take acting classes to ensure that her performance would be moving enough.As the can of worms opened up further, it was also revealed that a US public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, had been hired by Kuwaitis who were backing the "Citizens for a Free Kuwait" campaign to raise awareness in the US about the dangers Iraq posed to Kuwait.Hill & Knowlton spent $1 million to carry out studies to discover a way to create maximum impact among US citizens. The incubator story was discovered to be the most effective method in doing so. The rest, as they say, is history.  Sources - Nayirah (testimony)10 Nefarious Conspiracies Proven True5 conspiracy theories which turned out to be true2. The Tuskegee Syphilis StudyAn inhumane scientific experiment that lasted 40 years, conducted by the US government on African-American men suffering from syphilis.In the words of former US President, Bill Clinton -"The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens... clearly racist."The US Public Health Service (PHS), headed by Taliaferro Clark at the outset of this experiment, was behind this study. It was meant to discover the effects of syphilis on African-Americans as opposed to Caucasians—the underlying theory being that Caucasians were susceptible to neurological complications from syphilis, while African-Americans were more likely to suffer cardiovascular damage. How the outcome of this experiment would have affected clinical treatment of syphilis, is extremely debatable.The study began in 1932, with 600 impoverished African-American males who were enrolled for the program. They were given free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance. They were never told they had syphilis, nor were they ever treated for it. All they were told was that they were being treated for "bad blood".Most of these poor people had never visited a doctor before. Presented with the incentives given to them, they were pleased to be a part of this study. However, the real purpose of the study was to let these men die and then autopsy their syphilis-ravaged bodies.“As I see it,” one of the doctors involved explained, “we have no further interest in these patients until they die.”By the end of the experiment, 28 of the men had died directly of syphilis, 100 were dead of related complications, 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children had been born with congenital syphilis.The cover was blown wide open off this shocking experiment when the story was released to the public in 1972.President Bill Clinton formally apologised and held a ceremony for the surviving Tuskegee study participants: "What was done cannot be undone. But we can end the silence. We can stop turning our heads away. We can look at you in the eye and finally say on behalf of the American people, what the United States government did was shameful, and I am sorry ... To our African American citizens, I am sorry that your federal government orchestrated a study so clearly racist."In effect, all the experiment ever was, in the words of news anchor Harry Reasoner, "an experiment that used human beings as laboratory animals in a long and inefficient study of how long it takes syphilis to kill someone.”Sources -Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment | Infoplease.comTuskegee syphilis experiment5 conspiracy theories which turned out to be true3. Operation NorthwoodsOperation Northwoods was the code name given to the US military's plan to attack their own people and conduct massive, targeted terrorist strikes on American soil.In 1962, the US Military was frustrated with President Kennedy. The fiasco of the Bay of Pigs report was the final straw and pushed the Joint Chiefs of Staff over the edge, who believed Kennedy to be a "no-win" President.Out of this frustration originated an unscrupulously Machiavellian "false-flag" proposal. The proposal called for the CIA or other agencies to carry out targeted strikes on US soil, against US citizens and military installations.The intended outcome of this alarming proposal was to rally public support for war against Fidel Castro's communist Cuba. In order to do this, the Join Chiefs of Staff planned to -Bomb high pedestrian-traffic areas in major American cities, including Miami, New York, Washington D. C. and possibly Chicago and Los AngelesFrame U.S. citizens for these bombingsShoot innocent, unarmed civilians on the streets in full view of hundreds of witnessesOrder napalm strikes on military and merchant vessels in port, while people were aboardSink vessels carrying Cuban refugees bound for FloridaHijack planes for ransomAll the Joint Chiefs ratified this proposal and sent it to the Secretary of Defense and the President's office for their approval. Kennedy, however, was rightfully horrified and rejected it outright. He called in all the Joint Chiefs and brutally castigated them, threatening to court martial and incarcerate each one of them.However, he desisted in actually instigating this, so as to avoid irreparable disrespect for the US military.Many conspiracy theorists also claim that the military may have had a role in Kennedy’s assassination as a result of his blistering rebuke of the Joint Chiefs. This, however, remains unproven.The scans of the unclassified documents related to Operation Northwoods can be viewed on this site - http://whatreallyhappened.com/WR...Sources - Operation Northwoods10 Nefarious Conspiracies Proven TrueEDIT -In the light of recent events, I can't possibly overlook this one, so I'm adding this to my original answer4. PRISMThis one has been a favourite of conspiracy theorists for a long time - The government being privy to all your online communications and keeping a watch over you at all times.The Orwellian Big Brother has been revealed to be real. Whistleblower Edward Snowden of the NSA (National Security Agency) has come forward with reports of the NSA having direct access to the data of all major tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Skype, AOL, PalTalk, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.The program can access live communication data and stored information of all users of the above companies, based on "reasonable suspicion". Anyone in the US can be targeted for surveillance if they communicate with anyone outside the country. Also, anyone outside the US who uses services from the above companies can be monitored.According to reports, Microsoft was the first to be involved, in 2022. It was followed by Yahoo in 2022. Facebook, Google and PalTalk followed suit in 2022. YouTube came onboard in 2022. Skype and AOL in 2022. The latest entrant is Apple, in 2022. The program continues to grow and more online providers are expected to follow suit.Although the companies themselves deny any involvement in this program, their credibility has taken a hit and nobody knows how much further this can of worms will open up.Sources - NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and othersEdward Snowden comes forward as source of NSA leaks
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