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Major marine casualty Form: What You Should Know

This form satisfies the requirements for written reports of  Marine Casualties of US Coast Guard Vessels (10) This casualty report is prepared after the occurrence, but before the official notification of the casualty by the U. S. Coast Guard. (11) This casualty report provides information on the casualty that was reported. This form complies with the requirements for written reports. (14) This form documents a marine casualty that occurred while the victim was under the direct or indirect supervision of a Coast Guard personnel.  The purpose of this form constitutes an official notification of the marine casualty and should be  documented in the casualty report. (15) This form documents the casualty that was reported to CG. Note: This casualty is a  U.S. Coast Guard Marine Casualty Report, a document required pursuant to 46 CFR § 4.05-10, but not required  to be kept in the casualty log.  (16) This form documents an in-water casualty and the actions taken to assist or rescue a U Marine Casualty, for the same area as the casualty.

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FAQ - Major marine casualty

When would you be required to report a marine accident to the Coast Guard?
Report Timelines. Within 48 hours if a person, dies within 24 hours, is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first aid, or disappears from the vessel under circumstances that indicate death or injury. Within 10 days of the occurrence or death if earlier reporting is not required.
What is marine casualty investigation?
The mandatory provisions of the Code now require a marine safety investigation to be conducted into every "very serious marine casualty", which is defined as a marine casualty involving the total loss of the ship or a death or severe damage to the environment.
How soon is the CG 2692 submitted to the Marine Safety Office?
For reporting a marine casualty, within 5 days of the casualty. For chemical testing of commercial vessel personnel, according to the requirements in 46 CFR Part 16. How is the information submitted? (and CG-2692A, CG-2692B, CG-2692C and CG-2692D, if necessary) within 5 days of the casualty.
Has a duty to conduct an investigation into any casualty occurring to any of its ships which may assist in determining changes in the present regulations?
SOLAS 1974 (a) Each Administration undertakes to conduct an investigation of any casualty occurring to any of its ships subject to the provisions of the present Convention when it judges that such an investigation may assist in determining what changes in the present regulations might be desirable.
What is a reportable marine casualty?
A marine casualty is defined in Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 4.03-1. Essentially it is casualty or accident involving a vessel (other than a public vessel), that occurs upon the navigable waters of the United States, its territories or possessions.
What is the difference between a marine casualty and marine incident?
Definition of Marine Incident A marine incident means an event, or sequence of events, other than a marine casualty, which has occurred directly in connection with the operations of a ship that endangered, or, if not corrected, would endanger the safety of the ship, its occupants or any other person or the environment.
What is a 2692?
What is a vessel casualty?
the loss of a person from a ship; 22 the loss, presumed loss or abandonment of a ship; 22
What is a marine casualty?
(b) The term marine casualty or accident applies to events caused by or involving a vessel and includes, but is not limited to, the following. (1) Any fall overboard, injury, or loss of life of any person.
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