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How can I fill out the space around a 4:3 video for a 16:9 video player (e.g Youtube) with blurred out dynamic content?
I would use After Effects or Premier pro.Take your 4:3 clip and add it to a sequence that has the same settings for everything except the aspect ratio, which should be set to 16:9. If the clip interpretation settings are correct when you add it to the sequence it should sit in the middle of the frame with black on either side.Create a second video layer and duplicate the clip into the new layer, making sure you don't shift the timing of the clip.Open the scaling settings for the lower clip. This will be in the transform controls. Uncheck the 'constrain aspect' option, so you can scale the width separately from the height. Scale the x value until the clip is stretched to the edge of the 16:9 frame.You should now have a streched version of your clip undeneath the original version of your clip.Add the blur effect to the stretched layer and adjust it to taste.This should only take a few seconds to setup once you are familair with the process. I'm sure there are automated solutions out there too but this is how I would do it.
Two pipes, a and b, can fill a tank in 36 hours and 46 hours respectively. If both pipes are opened simultaneously, how long will it take them to fill the tank?
Pipe A takes 36 hours to fill a tank. Or Pipe A fills (1/36)th of the tank in 1 hour.Pipe B takes 46 hours to fill a tank. Or Pipe B fills (1/46)th of the tank in 1 hour.So Pipes A and B together fill (1/36)+(1/46) = (46+36)/(36*46) or (1/20.19512195)th part of the tank in 1 hour.Hence Pipes A and B together will fill the entire tank in 20.19512195 hours.
If a parking lot holds 16,000 cars and fills 3/4 of its space, how many spaces are filled?
I guess someone needs to cover the trick question angle, so here goes…If a parking lot holds 16,000 cars and fills 3/4 of its space, how many spaces are filled?We could read this question as saying:If a parking lot‡ We don’t know the size of this parking lot.…holds 16,000 cars‡ There are 16,000 cars actually parked in this parking lot.…and fills 3/4 of its space‡ Those 16,000 cars, presumably parked in 16,000 parking spaces, fill 3/4 of the total space of the parking lot, which is large enough to pr21,333 parking spaces (plus an additional 1/3 of a parking space, but who’s counting?)…how many spaces are filled?We can see, from the above, that 16,000 parking spaces are filled by 16,000 cars.Understanding the question is always more important than knowing the answer.
What are the best ways to make money as a teenager?
HAHAHAIm 19 years old and I am good at discovering lazy ways to make huge money. I don't know how I find them, but there is a saying that, “what you seek you find”. That's just me.I would be giving away two different ways which I make money online and as a lazy person that I'm, they're both kinda automated. But you need no experience, all you need is ur brain, a good device (laptop or smartphone), internet and a little money for investment ($250 is enough).I've been doing this for over a year and I've made a lot of money.Firsrt Method.I use a binary options autotrading software called OptionRobot.How do I make Money with it?The software is 83% accurate and it is free, because they make money only when their users make money. What software does is that it trades binary options on autopilot.For those who do not have an idea what binary options is all about, binary options is a highly profitable online trading financial tool in which you’re to determine if the value of an asset would increase or decrease over a certain period of time, the pay-out is a fixed amount of ROI (Return On Investment) or nothing.Here is one of my OptionRobot account at the time of writing this post.How to set up the software and making money With itThis is what the software settings looks like.Simple right?? Yeahso let's get crackingIn the settings, you choose from 1 of 3 trading methods.Classic which is considered the most secureMartingale which can be highly profitable, but takes much more riskFibonacci is the most accurate system (best)OptionRobot AssetsAt this moment in time, OptionRobot is working with currency pairs. The trader can choose which pairs they will allow Option Robot to trade in. The choices can be one, several or all of the following:EUR/USDUSD/CADEUR/JPYEUR/GBPGBP/USDUSD/CHFUSD/JPYAUD/USDOptionRobot ExpiryThe trader chooses what expiry times OptionRobot will use. The choices are 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour.Different brokers have various available expiry, depending on the broker you're using with OptionRobotTrade AmountThe investor has the ability to set what each trade amount will be. The minimum is $5 and the maximum is $500 with levels between these 2 extremes.Simultaneous TradesThe trader can also set the robot on how many simultaneous trades can run at any given time. This can be set from 1 to 8.Personally, I let 3 trades run simultaneously.After you're done with adjusting your settings, you click on auto trade.SECOND METHODI do what is called COPY TRADING. If you have no idea what copytrading is, copytrading ia a type of trading in which a trader copies another traders trade automatically, through a copy trading platform. I personally use a copy trading platform which is eToro . Here is what making money on the platform looks like. All You need to do is choose the right trader to copy.This is what copying the right traders look like. All you need to do is check their portfolio. Check their trading history and if they're the type that makes money constanlty, then you can copy their trades.This is easy money but funny enough not a lot people know about this
How will people react when they find out I am 46 and don't work but do have an income (partly disability)?
My experience becoming 100% disabled from a work accident was somewhat positive in a sense. This after I explained why and how I became disabled and what I went thru and still going thru.I became disabled at 37 years old. I suffered a severe injury to my back when I stepped into an elevator that was 3 feet below level. My spine took the brunt of the drop. I have had over 15 back surgeries, have rods and screws from S1 to T10 and 100’s of procedures.The last 2 years I have started to lose the ability to walk.Now after explain this I would hear “we are not talking about YOU we are talking about the others that game the system”.How can you make a statement like that if you don’t know the whole story?I rather be working, the SSDI is nowhere near what I was earning. I was a licensed Electrician for a County and had my own business. I lost everything when I got hurt. Lost my means of income and in turn lost my home.It took 2+ years and a lawyer to get SSDI benefits. Most I can get is 2/3rds of what I was making in 1997. Try raising a family of 4 on that.Now you basically heard my story. What do you think?John